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Members love to COMMUNICATE news about horses and horsepeople through their publications, websites, and social media.

Members PROMOTE achieving journalism excellence, growing the horse industry, networking with horsepeople, and especially, loving the HORSE.

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American Horse Publications (AHP) is a non-profit association for the equine publishing media industry. Its members include equine-related print publications, digital media, professionals, students, organizations and businesses.

AHP Newsgroup — Recently released equine news from our members

8/30/2014 Monty Roberts' Horse Sense and Healing Veterans Program Seen on TV
8/29/2014 PATH Intl. Conference to Feature Two World-Class Speakers
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  Mounted Shooters of America take center stage at Road to the Horse 2015
  UltraShield Green Proven Effective in Repelling Ticks
  Suffering in Silence: The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses
  Bimeda Launches XylaMed (xylazine), a Sedative and Analgesic for use in Horses and Cervidae
  Writing, Riding, and Ranching at 70